Arthlin Jewelry LLC offers creative artisan jewelry: fashion, bridal and fun costume pieces. We’re known for our extensive choker collection and our specialty lace pieces.

We’re a small operation that was quickly noticed by the fashion industry: we were still based out of a living room when we caught the attention of Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour and Redbook magazines. And then Kendall Jenner wore one of our pieces and featured it on her website next to a Givenchy sweater. This was the beginning of serious growth for Arthlin. It’s our belief that our creativity and ever-growing design offerings will continue to make us stand out, along with the superior quality of our products. It’s so exciting to think about what we could accomplish with more visibility and resources.

How SCORE Helped: 

Working with a SCORE mentor has been incredibly helpful. With his help, Arthlin transitioned from a "sole-proprietor who can't do it all on her own anymore", to a growing LLC with an employee. Together, we set up a strong base to build the business on. I was taught to use various spreadsheets, for example one for cash flow and one to calculate each design's profitability. Last but not the least, my mentor has boosted my self-confidence as a business woman.

Arthlin Jewelry